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Using a clever coloured disc system, each beam pattern is linked to a different disc colour. This ensures beam patterns are easily distinguished for identification and eventual end of life replacement.

All lights are available in a number of beam patterns including Spot, Flood, Wide Flood and Elliptical.

Custom beam configurations are also available upon request.


Easy Coloured Disc Identifier – Beam Patterns


The entire Hammerheads range utilise a clever coloured disc system which quickly identifies the beam pattern of the light. For example the yellow discs indicate the light has a Flood beam pattern, whilst the red discs indicate the light uses a Spot beam pattern.

This attribute is highly useful when the time comes to replace the light, as the visual cue of the colour allows the correct beam pattern to be identified without having to remove the light first to identify its beam pattern.



The pattern and high volume of light output makes the focused beam ideal where precise illumination and light control is critical.


The pattern boasts greater spread around the light and reduced intensity at the outer limits. Ideal when requiring a large volume of light spread around a work site or vehicle.


The pattern boasts an even greater spread around the light and reduced intensity at the outer limits. Ideal when requiring a wider volume of light illuminating a work site or warehouse.


The pattern produces an oval beam pattern with wider amount of light covering a medium distance. Ideal for when more penetration is required from the light. Great for applications that don’t require much upward or downward light.


Whilst spot, flood, wide flood and elliptical beam patterns will suit most applications, there re certain applications that may require a custom beam pattern.

Contact your local Hammerheads distributor for more information on how we can tailor our Hammerheads to suit your individual requirements.


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